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Frank Gross, author of "Wolfgang"

Ann. B Rhodes, author of "From The Beginning Until Now"

David L. Simmons, author of "The Fishbowl"

Rod Van Blake, author of "Ancient Illumination"

Deborah VanderJagt, author of "The Cranbrook Chronicles: A Boomer Kids' Story"

Ronald C. Meyer, author of "Mountain Boy: The Adventures Of Andrew Raymond "

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Lisa Zarcone

Author of "The Unspoken Truth" A Memoir"

Jack Miles Jr.

Author of "Stages Of My Life"

Kevin Lee

Author of "Rise Of The Empress"

Shannon Jones

Author of "Trials & Triumphs"

Stephanie Batts

Author of "That's Life"

Kirsten Fullmer

Author of "Shabby Chic Trilogy"

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