Included in Boost Publishing Package

An editorial assessment is used to determine just what type of edit is recommended for your manuscript. Not all manuscripts are the same, and many require different types of edits. Our editors will take a close look at the first 1,500 words of your book and create a one page summary that lets you know which type of edit we would recommend for your manuscript.

  • Professional copyedit of first 1,500 words of the manuscript
  • Detailed summary of all edits made
  • Expert recommendations for full manuscript edit
  • Manuscript returned with Microsoft Word Track Changes enabled
  • May choose to apply or ignore edits performed

Included in Boost Premier Publishing Package

Editing is arguably the most important thing you can do for your book, and all books need a professional edit. The Boost Premier package includes a copyedit of your manuscript that will check for and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, consistency, grammar and word choice. A copy edit includes:

  • Correction of spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Ensuring stylistic consistency
  • Smoothing out syntax
  • Offering suggestions for word choice
  • Manuscript returned with Microsoft Word Track Changes enabled
  • May choose to apply or ignore edits performed

A proofreader goes over the final copy of your manuscript right before it goes to print, making sure no typographical errors were overlooked by the previous editor or have been introduced in a revision.

  • One round of proofreading
  • Occurs just before your book goes to print
  • Used as a “final pass” to clean up spelling and punctuation errors
  • Manuscript returned with Microsoft Word Track Changes enabled
  • May choose to apply or ignore edits performed

In a substantive edit, your editor will go over your manuscript at a deeper level, performing a copyedit, flagging problem areas in the prose, and providing a detailed critique of your work with both small- and large-scale suggestions for improvement. This process can include:

  • Correcting grammar and punctuation
  • Smoothing out syntax
  • Ensuring stylistic consistency
  • Fact-checking information
  • Cleaning up language
  • Identifying craft problems
  • Manuscript returned with Microsoft Word Track Changes enabled
  • May choose to apply or ignore edits performed

Your editor will not only point out any of the issues mentioned above, but also offer creative solutions to help clean them up.


BookFuel’s Boost Publishing Package

Our publishing package is designed to give you everything you need for a low monthly rate.

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  • Tim Mansour
    It has been a real pleasure speaking to you regarding our book publishing needs. People rarely take the time to pass along the "good comments" that one may experience so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and patience during our decision making process to find the right person/company to help us bring our book to life. I truly hope that everyone who works at BookFuel displays the same genuine professional attitude, confidence and compassion that you have given to us in this initial process.
    Tim Mansour
  • Gary Westfal
    The trailer you guys did for my first book was a hit! I got so many positive comments from it and even referred one of my friends.
    Gary Westfal
  • Linda Mason
    Thanks for your professionalism and awesome customer service, as well as team work; as I have worked with serveral of you at this point ... and all of you are equally excellent.
    Linda Mason
  • Debi Cole
    I wanted to write my book for my readers. I have my vision, right, wrong or indifferent. And these people really helped me out and gave me a beautiful product. I will use them again.
    Debi Cole
  • John Martel
    The trailer BookFuel produced for me exceeded my wildest expectations.
    John Martel
  • Janelle Diller
    Elizabeth did a great job editing [my book]. I appreciated the detailed response she gave. I found her comments helpful and insightful. I’d gladly give her 5 out of 5!
    Janelle Diller
  • Claude Foley
    I would advise any up-and-coming author who is trying to get his book published through self-publishing to join BookFuel.
    Claude Foley
  • Cristy Hutton
    I know I could email or call anytime and actually talk to someone who knows me and cares about my books.
    Cristy Hutton
  • Caroline Kennedy
    BookBuzzr said my video is fantastic and one of the very best they'd seen!
    Caroline Kennedy
  • Josh Needleman
    I was able to get a quote before I spent a dime.
    Josh Needleman
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