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Print Books

Create physical copies of your book! These make great gifts and can kick start your marketing efforts. You choose your book specifications – book size, paper quality, black and white, color, hardback, soft cover, dust jacket, case laminate and more! BookFuel will then deliver you all the print-ready files so you stay in control and can choose to print your book with any printer you choose or upload to the leading Print-On-Demand channels. With Print-On-Demand, there is no need to store your books or pay a warehousing fee. BookFuel is 100% transparent about all pricing.

  • ​Press-ready file compatible with printing services

  • A refined, beautifully formatted print layout

  • Ability to order at wholesale pricing

  • You dictate book pricing at all times

  • Uploaded to the leading worldwide Print-On-Demand channels

  • Ability for bookstores to order


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