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Author Spotlight: Dean Berry (MUSCLEHEAD)

Have you ever gone to the gym and wondered what the heck people were thinking? Self-proclaimed gym rat Dean Berry wondered the same thing and used his keen eye for observation for the premise of his book, MUSCLEHEAD. From the She Beast to the Bigger Than You persona, Berry breaks down the different types of egos that are found in gyms around the world.

According to one reviewer, “The author has a real talent for sharing the misguided behaviors and attitudes that occur in various gym settings, which are expounded upon in a twisted and hilarious fashion. It’s a fast and easy read. I definitely recommend it for experienced “gym rats” or even you have never been to a gym before, but you might not immediately connect the dots on some of the humor until you been there a while, then you will easily pick out the humor of the characters illustrated throughout this book.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Berry wrote about what he knew, and everyone knows that truth is stranger than fiction. If you’re interested in picking up his book, you can purchase it through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In the meantime, check out his website and learn more about him and his story!

About the Book:

After spending a lifetime of years in the gym, Dean learned knowledge of lifting techniques, nutritional plans and timing windows. However, he was baffled by the gym stereotypes found in this assembly of egos. The mindset and behaviors displayed are strange indeed.

MUSCLEHEAD is insightful with training, etiquette and nutrition tips that is also chalk full of hilarious gym stories. Competitive athletes and beginners alike will enjoy this comical observation of the strange setting society refers to as the gym.

About the Author:

Dean Berry has been pumping iron for many a year. He is not a Physician, dietician nor certified in area of exercise training. He is a Musclehead and a Texan.

Dean spent many a year at the University of North Texas. He studied Philosophy, Literature and social sciences. Through his work he received various certificates in human behavior. “Grinding it out” at the gym is where he spends his time away from work. This love and devotion for the gym has enabled him to make the physical transition from beer drinking fat boy to pretty decent shape older guy.

Dean is devoted to his family consisting of mom, older brother, a wonderful daughter and a patient wife of fifteen years.

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