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Marketing Services

Marketing Assistant

Our professionals are standing by to help you navigate the waters of book marketing and sales.

Sometimes all you need is a little help to really kickstart your book sales efforts. When you hire a Marketing Assistant, their time will be spent creating a personalized marketing plan for you and your book, as well as carrying out the various tasks in that plan to get your book the exposure it deserves.

Wonder what it would take to get some radio airtime? How about a book signing at a local bookstore? Your assistant can help you determine and explore what marketing campaigns are best for you and your book.

  • One-on-one consultation

  • Custom marketing plan

  • Assistants are priced by the hour (starting at 5 hours)

  • Additional hours may be purchased at anytime

Author Spotlight

BookFuel™  has a social media following of over 114,000 followers and it continues to grow. The Author Spotlight gives authors the opportunity to have their book directly promoted in front of that audience.  We’ll feature you on our Facebook account for 3 weeks. Our followers will see you and your book, and you can invite them to follow you on Facebook to help you grow your following. This is a great way to start your marketing efforts, and we can use the Marketing Assistant in tandem for even better results. 


A picture of the book cover, purchase links, and a short summary of the book will be also be posted to Facebook and Twitter.

Publicity Kit

Professional print materials you can use to promote your book.

Our Publicity Kit is the perfect way for authors to kick-start their marketing efforts. Our designers will take your book cover and create beautiful marketing materials for you to give away at signings, book readings, or to pass around to your friends and family. 


The Publicity Kit includes:

  • 100 business cards

  • 25 posters (8.5” x 11”)


  • Professional design of all materials


Click below and one of our Publishing Consultants will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Press Release

Announce your book with a press release to increase your chance for success!

Gaining momentum early is key when it comes to book sales. Our copywriters will craft a 400 word release and optimize it for search engines, sending it out to multiple major news sites and networks!

  • 400 word press release

  • Search engine optimization (Google and Bing)

  • Placement on major news sites

  • Additional options (fees may apply)

    • Option to include a tailored video book trailer (video creation not included)

    • Adding book cover image to your release

    • Wider distribution available

Video Trailer

Bring your story to life with a video book trailer. 

Authors everywhere are taking advantage of this unique medium to generate interest and excitement around their book's release. Our 45-60sec video trailers use live action video clips to tease your story and drive as many readers to it as possible.

  • 2-4 stock video clips

  • Professional video editing

  • Text overlays and descriptions

  • Royalty-free background music

  • Post-ready video file for you to keep and share

View a few samples of our trailers on our YouTube channel here.