December 11, 2015

Favorite Holiday Reads

Need an excuse to escape from unending family gatherings? I’ve met multiple people who say they often re-read Wuthering Heights at Christmas. If dark and moody […]
December 2, 2015

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

Avid readers can read anywhere – on the bus, in the bathtub, or in the car – but having a space dedicated solely to reading is […]
December 2, 2015

10 Ways to Write More Efficiently

Any writer will tell you that writing is labor of love. It’s incredibly rewarding but it is also incredibly difficult. This is true not only with […]
December 1, 2015

Select Authors Published in November

From action to romance, we had a lot of great new books published by BookFuel authors this past month. We’re thrilled to share with you the […]
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