Writing Prompts And Why You Should Be Using Them

Writing promptsWriting prompts are a great way to get motivated to start writing or get out of a writing dry spell. Prompts help the novice writer gain experience writing, gives the writer ideas that can spark the imagination, have a better understanding of the back story and personalities of the characters, or help the writer practice writing conversations. In a post by Jane Friedman, she mentions that using prompts can help you be a better writer. She states that prompts can benefit experienced writers as well as novice writers. Some writers use them to help with plot problems, or character development. Friedman mentions some do’s and don’ts for using prompts. She writes how to apply the prompt to your current project and to not pigeonhole yourself, for instance if your prompt wants you to use your protagonist and you don’t need that for that character, apply the prompt to another character.  Gabriela Pereira on a guest post for Mystery Writing is Murder, makes some good points about using prompts, even as an experienced writer, they can hone your craft, there’s more room for improvement because you’re less attached, they help you think “on the fly” among other reasons she mentions in her blog post.


I love writing prompts. They’re fun, and they get me out of my head (my head is a crazy place). I become more motivated to work on my own stuff when I use them, especially when my writing juju has left me stranded.  I really love writing prompts outside my comfort zone. I’m not a big fan of science fiction so when I see a Scifi prompt I really try to exercise my brain and come up with something.  Even you high-brow experienced authors might want to give it a try – it’ll be like doodling for you while taking notes.. a creative way to let your mind go blank – who knows what might come of it.


So where do you find writing prompts? I’m glad you asked – we provide writing prompts on our Facebook page every Wednesday. We also collect a bunch of writing prompts on our Writing Motivation and Getting Started board on Pinterest. The following are some links for writing prompts – we think 100 and change should give you enough to get started:

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58 – 58 Science Fiction Writing Prompts (Mandy Wallace, Write or Die)

10 – Free Creative Writing Prompts #68: Romantic Comedy

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