Increase Your Sales with Book Reviews

Book reviews are an important piece of any author’s marketing strategy. Readers read reviews. Yes, well-established authors can rely on their name to sell a book, but for most of us who are self-published, we have to do whatever we can to get our work into the hands of readers. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to do this and the book review is “word of mouth” for those who shop online.


For instance, if you sell your book on Amazon, having reviews is a huge plus, especially if your work is unknown to the reader. If your book does not have any reviews and your competition has many great reviews, which book do you think they’ll pick? You build “social proof.” If someone else liked it, I probably will too. Reviews can take the place of the “trial” before a purchase. Let look at some statistics on reviews:


  • 88% of online shoppers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. (Publisher Services).
  • 7 of 10 consumers say that positive reviews make them trust the seller more. (Bright Local).
  • A 4.6% increase in sales conversion occurs with 50 or more reviews. (Reevoo).
  • 85% of consumers say they read up to 10 reviews before they trust the seller. (Bright Local).
  • 63% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a seller that has reviews. (iPerceptions, 2011).
  • Customers who interact, see reviews and answers to buyers questions are 105% more likely to buy.(Bazaarvoice, Conversation Index, Q2 2011).
  • Consumer reviews are about 12 times more trusted than messages directly from the seller. (eMarketer, February 2010).
  • Reviews produce an average of 18% uplift in sales. (Reevoo).
  • 85% of Amazon Kindle readers look to book reviews before deciding to purchase. (


Book reviews matter, the statistics say it all. Reviews correlate with sales so utilizing reviews is a great way to increase book sales and exposure. Amazon also ranks sellers based on performance. The better your review performance, the more visibility you will have on Amazon.


Unfortunately, around 90% of Amazon buyers do not leave reviews. (Econsultancy). This can be frustrating when trying to build online credibility and increase sales. Using a program like Review Exchange where reviews are guaranteed, can increase the number of reviews for your book, contributing to a higher ranking on Amazon and more overall sales. Sign up here

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