Create an Attention Grabbing Elevator Pitch for Your Book

There are many situations where an elevator pitch for your book will come in handy. Whether you are at a party, representing your book at an event, or pitching to a publisher, a common question you will hear is: ‘What is your book about?’ Having an attention grabbing elevator pitch about your book ready on a whim can help sell your book and generate word of mouth marketing.

An elevator pitch is quick summary around 30 seconds to one minute. It should be concise, highlight the best features of your book and inspire your audience to take action.

Start with creating ONE simple, easy to communicate impact sentence. When writing this sentence ask yourself: ‘What would make people want to read my book?’ This will be the sentence that you grab people’s attention with very first. Sometimes there is only time for one sentence, so make it good. This is your chance to hook them!

Next, create two sentences that depict your main characters and their conflict within your book. Make your audience feel something for or relate to these characters.

Last, finish with a powerful, short synopsis. Stick to the main ideas and most interesting book points cutting anything unnecessary out. Don’t give everything away here, after all you want to entice your audience to take action by asking further questions and/or buying your book.

Write your elevator pitch down and practice it.

Never let an opportunity to sell yourself and your book pass you by. Always be prepared by creating a polished, well delivered elevator pitch.

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