Unite Marketing Efforts with Other Authors

No one understands and relates to authors like other authors. Instead of seeing your peers as competitors, view them as supporters. Share and celebrate each others successes and help other authors when you see the opportunity. Building a strong and supportive community of authors can be one of our biggest assets.


Exchange reviews

It’s no secret that book reviews can help your sales immensely. With online book sales trends, reviews carry a lot of weight in consumer decisions. All authors need reviews, so help each other out by exchanging books and reviews.


Collaborate leads

As an author, we do an amount of compiling data bases of potential and current customers/fans. Team up with other authors in your genre who have a similar reader as you, and then exchange leads. This can double your customer data base and is a win win for everyone involved.


Ask for help

Chances are if you have a book marketing question or issue, someone has had that same question or faced the same issue before. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Ask your peers for help and offer help when you can.


Share space

Event booths can be expensive. If you’re attending an event to promote and sell your book, consider sharing space with another author to cut down on costs. This is also a great way to meet other authors and promote your genre together.


Offer social support

Generously like, follow, share, and re-tweet each other on social media channels. Social media is a wonderful avenue for cross promotion. Remember the more we give, the more we receive.

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