Time Management Tips for Writers

In a world of multi-tasking, time management as a writer can be a challenge. Especially for self-publishing authors who are not only writing but also handling the marketing and other aspects of running a business. Here are some tips to conquer some of those distractions as well as how to better manage your writing time efficiently.

Get rid of distractions
This is the most important tip for staying focused. There are so many time wasting distractions around every corner waiting to lure you away from your writing. rid of them. Turn off your phone. Refuse to share your writing time with social media, email, or other tasks. The time you set aside for writing should be for writing only.

Set goals

What do you want to accomplish today? What about this week? This month? Write your goals down on your calendar. Make sure they are realistic and measurable. Hold yourself accountable for reaching them.

Make a to-do list in order of importance. Start with the most important task and work your way down the list. Lists can help keep us on track and organized.

Schedule your day
Have a plan for the day. Use time blocks to organize your tasks and how much time you plan to spend on each one.

Time yourself
Most of us don’t use timers unless we have something baking in the oven or a child in time-out but timers can be a writer’s best friend. As you plan your day, build in time blocks for writing only. Set your timer during your time blocks and commit to writing and nothing else until the timer goes off.

Leverage your inspiration
This step can conflict a little with planning your day but it is important to keep enough flexibility to capitalize on those moments when you feel inspired. When you feel a moment of inspiration, put down what you’re doing and use this time to your advantage, it is when writers do some of their best work.

Create a writing space
Set aside space that is only for writing and nothing else. Make this space appealing and comfortable so that you love the time that you spend there. You can even deck it out with pictures, quotes or items that inspire you.

Reward yourself for reaching your goals and sticking with your schedule. Make sure you also block out “me time” when you relax or do something you truly enjoy. This will help with burnout and keep the creative juices flowing.

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