15 Current Hashtags Every Author Should Use

As an author, utilizing the right hashtags can help you along every stage of your writing journey. Here is a list of 15 current hashtags that you as an author should be using. To be more effective, type them into the search bar on the free website, Hashtags.org. You can see how many people are using a particular hashtag and when the peak times to post each one is.


#selfpub- All about navigating the word of self-publishing


#amwriting- A great hashtag to use to encourage other authors, find inspiration and more


#writerslife- Use this hashtag to share what it means to be a writer


#indie- Specifically for indie authors


#fridayreads- Tell people what book you’re currently reading and give shout-outs to other authors


#samplesunday- You can use this hashtag to post a sample of your book


#getpublished- Help on getting published


#publishing- Publishing industry news


#promotip- Tips on launching your book


#askeditor- Use this hashtag to ask professional editors questions, you may not always get an answer but it doesn’t hurt to try


#teasertuesday- Promote your book by posting a teaser


#bookgiveaway- Let people know you are running a book giveaway and how they can participate


#writingprompt- Search or use this hashtag when you get stuck while writing


#bookmarket- Find or share book marketing tips


#1K1H/#1K1HR- A challenge to write one thousand words in an hour


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