Self-Publishing Has Never Been Easier

To self-publish or publish traditionally? What about the hybrid versions of those standard publishing archetypes that are emerging at lightning speed? It’s no wonder that new authors struggle with deciding which way to publish. It can be confusing to navigate the new world of publishing with so many options available. The answer may be different for each author, but self-publishing has never been easier.


Publishing has evolved. With advances in technology and more professional self-publishing services emerging, the outdated stigma of self-publishing is fading fast. Authors are realizing that with the right marketing plan and retention of their rights to royalties, copyrights, design and more, self-publishing makes incredible sense and can be easy to accomplish when they have the right tools.



As mentioned before, technology makes self-publishing more accessible and more affordable with each passing year. Authors are catching on! Over 95,000 new e-book titles are published to Amazon each month!

The internet is saturated with author peer groups online to help each other navigate the publishing industry, share experiences, and also provide helpful feedback to each other on book projects. The massive rise of online information sharing results in a more informed and independent author.

The rise of e-book sales and print on demand options cut the need to keep thousands of books stocked in the garage gathering dust in the hopes of attracting a large enough crowd at the next book signing to make room for the tool boxes. Self-publishing allows authors to control their out-of-pocket expenes and free themselves of relying on a traditional publisher.

Technology has also made huge strides in book marketing. A plethora of book marketing options has blossomed recently, allowing self-publishing authors to pick and choose marketing plans that fit their needs and budget instead of entrusting this important step solely to traditional publishers. Authors are taking to social media to not only market and sell their books but also to create a community around their products. Self-publishing companies are also providing marketing guidance and packages customized to author’s needs.


Rise of Professional Services

More competition between publishing and self-publishing companies results in better products and services for the author. Authors now have many options to choose from and can evaluate and pick based on their goals. BookFuel offers many services geared toward assisting the self-publishing author.

Since one size does not fit all authors, companies such as BookFuel are offering customized publishing packages complete with an author adviser to guide them through the process.


Book Rights and Royalties

Many authors struggle with the idea of giving up rights and royalties of their precious hard work to a publisher. With self-publishing, the author is their own publisher and retains all rights and royalties to their book. Authors can keep decision making power over their book instead of forfeiting it to a publisher.

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