Profit from Giving Away Your Book

More and more authors are finding success by giving away part or all of their digital book for free. Freebie marketing is catching steam and for good reasons.


Generate word of mouth

Giving away your book increases readership. Those readers in turn will tell their friends who will tell their friends if they enjoyed your book. Passionate readers have a huge community with many connections, anything you can do to be a topic of discussion in the reader community will benefit you.


Encourage reviews

There are websites where you can give your book to readers in exchange for reviews. Think of book reviews as a personal recommendation from a friend, they carry a lot of weight. Shoppers are looking to reviews for trustworthy information on whether or not to buy. You can also personally seek out individuals and offer them your book and ask for a review in return.


Drive traffic

Design a system on your website for readers to sign up for a free copy of your book. This can be as simple as instructions and an email address to send their book request to. This will take potential customers to your site to view not only the book they wish to get for free, but also other books and any related merchandise.


Free book giveaways are a great way to build a social media audience. Encourage future fans to like and follow you on your social sites in order to receive their free copy of your book.


Build future leads

Require information such as an email address and name in order for readers to receive their free book. From there you can build a list of leads which you can use when you release your next book or any related products.


Increase exposure

More people are likely to give you a chance as an author and read your book if it is free, potentially increasing your readership tremendously. This gives you the opportunity to covert them into loyal fans.


Stimulate sales

Loyal fans will purchase your future books, increasing sales. Also, many readers prefer hard copy books. So if you’re giving away partial or complete digital books and the reader likes your material they may choose to purchase the hard copy, stimulating your book sales.


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