How to Get Book Reviews

Book reviews are a valuable resource, especially as a new author.

They are essential to book marketing and book sales. Reviewers will help spread the message about your book by publishing a review and will give you more credibility as an author resulting in more potential readers.

Getting those reviews as a self-published author has never been easier because there are more book reviewers available. As a new author, how can you get started?


First Things First

There are a few items you will need to make sure you have before beginning to look for reviewers. First, prepare both digital and hard copies of your book and collect mailing supplies. This means if you are printing on demand, order enough books to respond to reviewer requests. It’s a good idea to include a cover letter for both digital and print packages, introducing yourself and your book, but nothing too lengthy. Save your qualifications and history for your author bio.


Where to Find Reviewers

There are thousands of book bloggers online. Many of these bloggers will even review your book for free. If you’re just starting out as a writer you don’t necessarily need to pay for review services. Explore the reviewers who will do it for free first and then determine if you need a more established audience that comes with a paid reviewer. Don’t overlook online writer’s forums and community sites, these are wonderful places to connect with reviewers.


Here are a few places you can look for reviews:


Picking the Right Reviewer

In order to narrow down the field of reviewers, do a little bit of research and try to find those people that enjoy reading the type of book you wrote. Make sure you offer to send your material either in print or digitally, and then provide whatever version they prefer.


Follow-up in a few weeks if you haven’t heard back, don’t be afraid to be persistent, but give them a reasonable amount of time to get through the work before you reach out.


Since so many reviewers are doing this in their spare time, a couple weeks isn’t unheard of before you are contacted by the reviewer. When they do get back to you, thank them! Put a hand written thank you card in the mail. Even if they only brought one more person’s awareness to your book, that’s one person you didn’t have before.


You can also think about planning ahead for your next book. If you make a connection or contact with a reviewer, add them to a list you can use in the future.


Give Reviews
Offer reviews in writing communities to other authors. The more giving you are with reviews, the more reviews you will likely get in return. This will also help you establish yourself in the author community and connect you with more potential readers.

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