Select Authors Published in February

February was a busy month and we are thrilled to have worked with so many great authors. From science fiction to children’s books to social justice, we have you covered. Congratulations to the following authors and we invite you to check out their books!







Gods We All Dislike by H. Herb McCabe

Most gods tell their members how powerful, how good, how worthy of trust, how absolute in superiority they are. Problem is that all gods remain hidden. Every last one of them is out of sight. We don’t see, hear, or touch any of them. The basic makeup of any godly being is invisibility, silence and physical absence. We cannot prove the reality of any god with our senses. That is the strongest proof we each have that god is deliberately hidden from everyone, or that there is no god in the first place. This book talks about the facts. Believers, disbelievers, agnostics and atheists, let’s all talk freely here and now. Come within the book and join the billions of people whom millions of religions are here fighting to defend their beliefs.


Stargazer’s Early Days by Thomas Chase

A mysterious star ship travels the galaxies. It witnesses an event on a planet which causes the computer to experience a massive break down. All sentient parts of the computer are transferred to a holographic image. The pragmatic part of the computer initiates a defense program and goes into stealth mode.

Hundreds of years later, a surviving race of Kymions pick up a unique signal emanating from the surface of a lifeless planet. A Kymion Watcher lands and discovers wreckage and explores and finds half the information as to the whereabouts of the hidden star ship. Years later, a Watcher stumbles upon a matching signal on a planet they name Arret. After numerous trials and errors with different species, they discover humans of earth can survive on the surface. Thus begin the abductions.

Chip Rose is the latest earthling taken. He awakens in the bottom of dry well and is informed by a mysterious voice that he’s on Arret. Chip disbelieves such a claim and escapes the well. When morning arrives his denial of being taken is put to the test. Even with what he witnesses, he still thinks he’s in some type of coma, or trapped in a nightmare. Does the unique union between Chip and the voice have the potential to cause a ripple effect throughout the galaxies?


Inmates Voting: The Next Election by Charlton Sharpe

INMATES VOTING is based on the life and work of author Charlton Sharpe, particularly his work with his STOP (Straight Talk On Prisons) Program. It’s a fascinating story with a bold message; but one more than achievable if enough citizens can back the campaign to afford nonviolent offenders their constitutional right to vote.


Adventures of Anthony & Benny by Anthony Gemignani

A boy and his best friend, who is a mouse, have amazing adventures together.


Nicholas: Story of an Oaktown O.G. by A. B. Hudson

What unseen forces shape a young man’s soul? Nicholas’ journey takes him from hustling newspapers in Ghetto Streets, exposing him to the hustlers and gangsters of Oaktown’s underbelly, onto a path which takes him through the penitentiary.

Has surviving the horrors of prison awakened an awareness of what the name of the game really is? Can he use the three degrees he earned to obtain prosperity and wealth?

Now armed with a college education and determination to succeed despite of a system designed to defeat, condemn and destroy; Nicholas emerges from the streets that never die, in pursuit of the American dream. Does he possess what it takes to have a seat at the table of success?


Make It APPin: The Start of a Journey by Kesha Day

In this fast pace world we live in full of opportunity, you can create or you can complain but you can’t do both. I bet you are curious about apps and looking for motivation to keep building your business. That’s what I wrote this for, to help you push forward with your dreams!


From the Inside Out by Karen Lynn Suffern

Karen is no stranger to emotional pain. Depressed and often suicidal, Karen merely existed through life while others lived it. She used food and self-harm as coping mechanisms to deal with emotional scars she could never talk about. She knew that cutting and burning herself wasn’t normal, and neither was eating so much food until it physically hurt her, but medication and therapy never seemed to help. That is, until Andrew came into her life. Andrew was a LPC who specialized in treating individuals who suffered from trauma in their lives, he specialized in treating people like Karen. Karen trusted Andrew and for the first time, she has let someone in on what was going on in her life. For the first time, Karen had hope. Hope that things would get better. Hope that she would get better. The roller coaster of emotions on her road to healing proved to be a bumpy ride, but nothing could prepare her for the day that her biggest supporter would no longer be there for her.

Based on real life events, Karen takes you on an emotional journey as she deals with her issues with abuse, binge eating, low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. Often fighting these demons alone, Karen struggles to find the will to start over again. From the Inside Out is a raw and honest story that sheds light on the difficulties living with mental illnesses.

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