4 Easy Ways to Monitor Your Author Brand

Every author knows that a large part of what contributes to their book’s success is the marketing strategy behind it, but do you know how to monitor the impact of your efforts? Knowing where and how to monitor your online reputation can help you develop and tweak your strategy using actual data to drive more results. The following tools will help you to maximize your efforts based on your results and, hopefully, increase sales.







Mention is a site that peruses the internet for search terms that you enter, such as your name or your book title. It’s similar to Google Alerts but offers robust options for what to do with your online mentions. For example, you can flag alerts for follow-up, view the page that mentions you directly in the app, or archive it for later. Plus, it comes with a handy mobile app for monitoring on the go. It has both free and paid versions depending on how many alerts you’d like to set up and how popular you are, but for most authors the free version is all you need.



Buffer is a social media scheduling platform, but more importantly it has built-in analytics. That means you can see how many people viewed, clicked on, or commented on your posts or tweets, allowing you to sort it by recent or most popular. This allows you to see what types of content are generating the most interest so that you can share more of it and increase your interactions.



Most authors check their Amazon reviews, but it’s equally important to check your book’s Goodreads status. Not only can you see reviews, you can also see who has added your book to their To-Be Read pile and scope out similar titles so that you can target those readers on other social channels. For more on how to maximize Goodreads, click here.



SocialBro is an advanced Twitter analytics program and is designed for people who rely heavily on Twitter for interacting with and targeting new followers. It is not free but for the advanced Twitter user, the low cost may be with the investment. SocialBro offers users the ability to see who unfollows them, when the best time to tweet is based on the number of followers online, set up automatic messaging campaigns, and break down followers by age, gender, location, and interests. There are a ton of other options, so we recommend checking out their site.

Now it’s your turn – how do you monitor your author brand? 

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