Select Authors Published in November

From action to romance, we had a lot of great new books published by BookFuel authors this past month. We’re thrilled to share with you the following:








Turbulence: Career, Drugs, Sex: Intertwined by Edward MacMillan

Hotel executive Kevin Logan was the unsuspecting victim of a Mexican cartel’s plot to test a diabolical distribution program using the airline baggage system to smuggle hard drugs into the United States. Discovering this plan by accidentally intercepting his forwarded baggage originally intended for a flight to Asia, Kevin chose to forego law enforcement notification. Instead, he stored the drugs while he continued his travel assignment that was deadline oriented and fraught with consequences to his company and his career. That decision set off a global drug chase halfway around the world threatening him and others, including a romantic interest that became entangled in the chase.

The tale, set in the nineteen seventies, before personal computers, cell phones, the internet and Homeland Security, provided minimum communication tools, but especially, an ability to cope using his experience and wits. Saddled with a stash of drugs worth near a street value of a million dollars, and a criminal enterprise desperate to silence their distribution plans, only that combination of experience and wits, aided by the love of a beautiful woman, could give him any chance of survival.


The Regulator by Anthony Frisina

Former outlaw William “Quick Shot” Clintock seeks to leave his wild days behind by seeking refuge in a small mid-western town at the dawn of the twentieth century. Only the solace he so desperately seeks is not as simple as he once thought. Venturing into Hibbing, Wyoming, Clintock encounters a local loan shark named Elmo Gintry, a man well respected and feared by the town’s citizens. Knowing full well of the regulator’s past, Gintry coerces Clintock into collecting a debt for him from a despondent horse farmer. Now Clintock must choose between the life he once desired, and the past he’s seeking to run away from.


Waiting by Penelope Jamison

Best friends Chloe and Chanel leave behind their southern Alabama roots and head for the bright lights of Miami to attend graduate school. When they both become interns with the local professional football team, the Miami Marauders, unexpected romance becomes part of their game plan. Chloe meets and begins to date the charming star quarterback, Colin. Chanel also finds romance with eligible bachelor Eric. But soon both women face threats to their budding relationships. Colin’s ex-girlfriend resurfaces, and he suddenly becomes cool and distant, keeping Chloe at arm’s length. Meanwhile, Chanel begins receiving disturbing text messages from an anonymous stalker. Is it Chanel’s ex-boyfriend or someone from Eric’s past—and will the answer destroy or strengthen their love? Will Chloe fight for her dream relationship with Colin, or give in to her feelings of abandonment and insecurity and walk away?


Odes On Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest by David Bates

Muhammad Ali burst onto the boxing scene over half a century ago, dominating the sport throughout the sixties and seventies. Yet, his effect on the sport is still prevalent. He evolved into a true pop culture icon whose image remains everywhere. Labeled the “Louisville Lip” by the press, the then Cassius Clay carved up opponents with his quick wit and sharp tongue as easily and thoroughly as with his rapid, razor-sharp punching. Throughout his career, Ali’s highly animated rhyming recitations delivering accurate pre-fight prognostications were as anticipated as his performances in the ring. Ali was the “Poet Laureate of Pugilism.” It is in that spirit that author David A. Bates has created “ODES ON ALI” (‘A Tribute To ‘The Greatest’) covering Ali’s professional boxing career from his pro debut to the fight in which he captured the heavyweight title for the third and final time. Each fight is recalled in a lyrically rhyming poetry style reminiscent of Ali’s own rhyming recitations. A concise biographical portrayal that is an informatively accurate, highly entertaining, read, “ODES ON ALI” was created to be a wonderful walk down memory lane for Ali fans old and new as well as those who might still wonder what all the fuss was about.


Nerdi Bunny and the Busy Bee Bully Bear Business (Volume 1) by Aisha Toombs

When Nerdine, a precocious and tomato-obsessed bunny, discovers that the bees in Cottontail Burrow have stopped working, she must find a solution to convince the bees to get back to pollinating. If she can’t, then the Honey and Harvest Festival will only have angry bees, sobbing bears, very little eats, and no delicious sweets. Cottontail Burrow doesn’t need a hero–they need a Nerdi Bunny!


BRAINSURGEON: wings on an angel – clouds on a ghost by Dr. Mark Weissman

A young child is fortunate to find his true “calling,” which has led him to the pathway of an MD degree and ultimately, a career as a well known and published neurosurgeon. Life, at the speed of light, when working in the world of neurosurgery, can be joyous, humorous and very alone. We make plans and as the cliché goes, “We pray and GOD laughs”. At the age of 63, this physician became a patient, after he sustained an acute stroke. This is a story of finding our way when lost and chasing for the highest dreams at the top of any mountain summit. This is also a journey of faith, belief and most importantly, love.


Cody’s Treasure Cove: Treasures Beneath by Jr PhD. and Dennis Lee Bates

Cody’s Treasure Cove – Treasures Beneath takes us on a journey in the life and determination of a young boy who’s love for dinosaurs and mystery brings changes to his life and family, and the lives of others. Cody, a nine year old boy with autism who has a love for fossils, dinosaurs and adventure, proves to everyone that anything is possible with determination and a will to reach your goals. Living with his dad and his grandparents on a small family farm, Cody spends most of his days digging in the dirt in hopes of one day finding that special treasure of a fossil. His determination proves successful and his journey begins…


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