Select Authors Published in December

The holidays are always a busy time of year, but it was exceptionally busy for the 10 BookFuel authors who released their books this past month! Whether you’re looking for self-help, a thrilling mystery, or a book for the children, these authors have you covered! Congratulations to each and every one of them!








You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made: Psalms 139:14 Woman by Corliss Meredith

You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made, was written to equip women in this season with the basic tools for their journey. This book was also written with the potential to encourage and inspire all women to be confident with the way God has created them personally! This book will empower you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding of where you are in the process of life; spiritually, physically and mentally as you allow the Holy Spirit to assist you in each chapter.

It doesn’t matter what your past looks like, your present situation is, or what you think your future hold; this book will compassionately display God’s love and remind you that you are more than a conquer! You are an overcomer! You have the victory! Your set time is now! You are fearfully and wonderfully Made!


Shadows of the Past by Lannie Sheridan

Princess Amirilla VI of Mercury, known as Rilla to her friends and family, is the eldest daughter of the royal family. After losing her older brother, Amdis, five years previous, it’s now time for her to take her place as a general in the Intergalactic Court. Everything seems to be going according to plan, that is until Rilla starts having strange dreams of the past and visons that she can’t remember clearly. Like her mother, Rilla has what’s known as oracle blood, which gives her visions or premonitions of the future. Add in family troubles and political issues that come with her new role as a general and Rilla has her hands full. With time growing short, can Rilla remember her visions and discover what they’re trying to warn her of before it’s too late?


Become Your Absolute Best by Marcia Y. Collina

This practical guide serves a catalyst tool for you to use as an educational professional in either the classroom, a supportive role, or as an administrator. In it you will find powerful coaching questions that will serve as a springboard for you to start your journey to becoming your absolute best. The guide also provides resiliency strategies that will help you get back on track if you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere on your journey.


Inducted by Zach Harris

How deep does the bond of brotherhood run? How far will a father go to protect his son?

Nick McCaslin has finally settled into the calm part of his life. He is enjoying time with his wife, son, and two daughters when his world is suddenly upended as a result of political/military issues he cannot control thousands of miles away. With military enrollment sharply declining, in order to deal with growing conflicts halfway around the world the government is forced to institute a draft. Nick’s son is drafted and needs to report in only a matter of months. He is expecting his first child and Nick knows his son will never make it back alive.

Because of Nick’s background and close relationships he is successful in getting his son out of the draft, but only if he agrees to take his place. Out of deep loyalty, Nick’s friends will not let him do it alone. The time frame to prepare is short, their orders are specific, and they are thrust into service at an age when most men are retiring from the military.

As they soon find out, their unique mission is only the beginning. What Nick and his unit uncover is chilling and the severity in which they deal with what they find puts them in extreme danger, not only from the enemy, but also from their own country.


Not Color Blind by V.A. Herring-Trice

Beth, the daughter of socially climbing but negligent parents, quits school to marry the man who becomes her tormentor and captor.

Nettie, the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy South Carolina industrial baron, is thrown into poverty and despair overnight. She struggles to maintain sanity as she flees with her children to escape the abusive religious zealot who took her and her mother in and then used and abused her.

During a storm, Beth escapes her captor to flee to the safety of Nettie’s home. During the night, a child is born. The two women form an unlikely friendship that only abused women can understand. Together the share their lives and secrets. Secrets that will one day come back to haunt them both.

Having conquered poverty and abuse, their friendship is severed by jealousy and greed. They both stand to lose all they have fought so hard to attain. Each has the power to destroy the other as they are catapulted into a struggle over the daughter they both claim.

Only one can win the life of the child but both can lose their very souls.


The Dark Elf by Daniel Paul Rutland Jr.

Unfold this new tale of adventure. Come take a journey with me in this new fantasy. It is an epic tale of romance, friendship, deceit, love, hate, light, dark, evil, righteousness, mythical creatures, thirst for power and powerful weapons. The hero of our story is a powerful elf named Emanon. He is very special with unique fighting abilities. Born with morals and ethics, Emanon finds himself faced with obstacles that will challenge everything he believes in. Will our hero stay righteous or “Stray Down the Dark Path?” Find out in this awesome read in a world of magic and power…


The Magic of Sea Dragons by D. Beckman

The Choosing

Sheanna the Sea Dragon has longed for a child of her own for hundreds of years. When she starts having strange dreams of a special child she goes to the Elder of her people for answers. What she learns will change her world forever!

“The Choosing” is book one of the “Magic of Sea Dragons” series


Working For My Old Man: Poems by Ed McManis

This is a work of poetry by Ed McManis.

Ed McManis is an editor, writer, songwriter and dad, not always in that order. His chapbooks include Sleeping With My Therapist, and Sr. Mary Butkus. His work has appeared in numerous publications including The Blueroad Reader, Natural Bridge, Rhino, Colorado North Review, California Quarterly, Mudfish, etc.

He runs a small school for students who learn differently, in San Francisco. He and his wife, Linda, have two sons; Jamie and Sean.


The Poochie Pressman Story by Rodrick Pixley

Poochie Pressman Story is a one of many who fell victim to the trappings of taking the fast track of getting rich quick and easy until in most cases they have to lose everything to see that all they had gained for all of their act’s and deeds is a bulls eye on themselves. This is the story of how a good kid from the public housing system beats the system and all of the odds against him.


Meet Bufford the Bat by S.D. Quinn

This has been a dream of mine since I was young. Now it’s finally happened. “Live your dreams”.

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