Five Characters I’d Want to Have Dinner With

It’s not a rule that a writer has to create likeable characters—just that they have to create interesting ones. Every once in a while there’s one who’s so fascinating you just want to be granted a little extra time with them to pick their brain. Below are five characters I’d love to have dinner with.





1. Lily Potter, née Evans. Hear me out. All we ever hear about Lily is how kind and righteous and, well, saintly she is—loving wife, mother, and defender of the weak. But Petunia’s version of their childhood hints at a lot of tension and strife. Wouldn’t you like to know about the chasm that jealousy opened up in their family? And about her girlhood crush on bad boy James Potter? And about what she and James did with their careers before they got that big promotion in the sky?


2. Rebecca de Winter. Sure, the eponymous anti-heroine of Daphne du Maurier’s chilling novel was a cold, ruthless, self-serving deviant. But you know she’d make that dinner party fun.


3. Holly Golightly. Another fun-loving party girl, but this time she’s a sweetheart to boot. She can tell tales about Sing Sing, the New York elite, and the backwoods of Texas––and a well-rounded guest is the cornerstone of any good dinner party.


4. Nick Carraway. I think that now that Nick’s had nearly a century to reflect on his wild youth and tragic friends, he’d have plenty of interesting observations to make about the era and the mysterious hero of Gatsby. But mostly I just think it’s his turn to shine. Plus, we needed a man up in here.


5. Anna Karenina. Because sometimes you just need to sit someone down and say, You’re a strong woman who don’t need no man.


(Longlisted Guests:

Atticus Finch too serious

Jay Gatsby kind of full of himself?

Humbert Humbert sorry, forgot

Clarissa Dalloway she can be such a downer tho…

Deenie still underage?

Tom Ripley get the feeling he’s just saying what we want to hear…?

John Galt but then we could say, everyone, this is John Galt!)

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