5 Tips for Writing During the Holidays

The holidays are coming up and while they are wonderful, they can send authors who host family or travel into a stressed out frenzy. This is because the holidays, as fun as they are, are hectic. There are a million things to do and, for many, writing falls to the wayside only be to be accompanied by the guilt of not writing enough. If you fall into this camp, then rest assured that this year can be different if you implement a few, easy changes.





Be realistic

Chances are, you won’t be writing a chapter per day, but you can probably write 50-100 words every day. Be realistic about the time that you have to devote to writing each day and figure out what you think is a realistic word count goal, then run with it. Like any time of year, there will be days when you fall short and days when you exceed it, and that’s perfectly okay.


Carve out some time to write every day

Regardless of how busy life gets, it’s important to carve out some me time, and for authors this means writing time. The holidays can get crazy, but taking just 30 minutes a day to focus on writing, even if it’s not that productive, will help keep the habit going during the holiday season and keep the guilt at bay. It’s important to be realistic about how much you will get done, but temporarily shutting out the world and making the effort will do wonders for your psyche.


Communicate your schedule to others

If you have kids or family visiting, then chances are someone will come knocking on your door during your writing time. To avoid these distractions, communicate your schedule to those closest to you so that they know to make an effort to leave you to your writing. This is harder if you have children visiting, but it’s not impossible, especially if you choose to write early in the morning or late at night.


Be flexible!

All of the above tips can go right out the window during the holidays because things are so hectic, and that’s okay. Your writing time doesn’t have to be at the same time every day and there will be days that you skip it altogether. Don’t beat yourself up about it – the holidays are supposed to be fun, so feel free to forget your writing responsibilities once in a while and enjoy yourself, you friends, and your family.


Be kind to yourself

You won’t be able to write anything worth writing if you’re sick or overly stressed, so make sure to take care of you. Writing is important but the holidays are a time for family and friends and that should come first (if you want them to, of course). This means that if you want to sleep in an extra hour or enjoy a that second glass of wine with your siblings, you do it without feeling guilty.

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