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Odes on Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest by David Bates

Muhammad Ali burst onto the boxing scene over half a century ago, dominating the sport throughout the sixties and seventies. Yet, his effect on the sport is still prevalent. He evolved into a true pop culture icon whose image remains everywhere. Labeled the “Louisville Lip” by the press, the then Cassius Clay carved up opponents with his quick wit and sharp tongue as easily and thoroughly as with his rapid, razor-sharp punching. Throughout his career, Ali’s highly animated rhyming recitations delivering accurate pre-fight prognostications were as anticipated as his performances in the ring. Ali was the “Poet Laureate of Pugilism.” It is in that spirit that author David A. Bates has created “ODES TO ALI” (‘A Tribute To ‘The Greatest’) covering Ali’s professional boxing career from his pro debut to the fight in which he captured the heavyweight title for the third and final time. Each fight is recalled in a lyrically rhyming poetry style reminiscent of Ali’s own rhyming recitations. A concise biographical portrayal that is an informatively accurate, highly entertaining, read, “ODES TO ALI” was created to be a wonderful walk down memory lane for Ali fans old and new as well as those who might still wonder what all the fuss was about.


One Last Wish by Nicole Belanger

Time is never on our side. It’s always selfishly working against us. When Sarah went missing, time slipped by with the blink of an eye, and the faster it passed, the faster I lost hope. Hope that she’d still be alive. Hope that she would come home safely. And it wasn’t until Officer Reed Parker knocked on my door that I thought it was finally over. But it’ll never be over. They found her body. She’s dead. But who took her? Who killed her? Was it the same set of eyes that stalked me in the night, lurking behind corners, between cars, and waiting? For what? To take me, next? When the people I love most start slipping away from me, fingers start pointing in different directions and I wonder who I can truly trust. That’s the thing about time, it’s infinite, but eventually you run out of it.


I Am One by James Henry Fromm

When Victor Hennessey returns from sea and finds a beautiful artist living in his Florida Keys home, they form a comfortable relationship. While sailing the Great Lakes with old college friends who are giving a series of environmental lectures, the crew is recruited by unlikely allies. Plucked from a violent storm, they join forces with their rescuers to save the planet, from an aggressive virus-like alien, and an imminent sentence of extermination from a concerned galactic alliance. As dramatic action by their allies momentarily changes corporate and governmental behavior, Victor and his companions risk their lives to stop the viral invasion. But they still must satisfy the demands of the galactic powers who have grown impatient with human stewardship of planet Earth. In spite of their notoriety, and worldwide recognition of their heroic commitment to effect environmental change, they find themselves frustrated by apathy and media silence, as greedy corporations and crooked politicians prefer denial over recognition. It is then, they discover the battle must be won, one, by one, by one.


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