Why You Need A Book Trailer

Today’s post was written by Ben Pierson, who creates and produces book trailers for BookFuel authors.

A book trailer is the quick click look at your entire novel. Like a film trailer, a quality book trailer intrigues and excites a reader in a way that is not possible through any other form of advertising. This is your opportunity to capture the mood, tempo and theme of your book in two minutes or less. In this day and age, two minutes is about all the time you have to grab the audience’s attention, so make it count.

Unlike a film trailer, you do not actually have any visual clips to use. So you have to come up with images and video that can represent your book from other sources. This can be a daunting task.


Should I shoot my own footage and recreate scenes from the book?

Unless you have access to quality actors and proper equipment this may actually do more harm than good. Viewers will watch the amateur video and decide that the writing is probably of the same quality. Now, if you’re a wizard behind the camera then go for it!


Should I use stock video?

This is a great option for most authors. First of all, this media is royalty free, so you may use it however you wish. Second, there is an astonishingly large library of stock video on the web and you can find something for just about anything. Some is free, some you pay for. Generally, the video you pay for is worth the cost. But it adds up quickly. A good method for creating a book trailer on a budget is to combine free stock footage with a few choice paid for clips. The same online resources exist for audio and there is even more that is available for free.


How much do I show the audience?

Think of any Hollywood movie trailer. The characters and conflict are introduced, the style of the film’s editing and mood are established and above all, the tension is kept high and you are left wanting more. That’s how you want to make your book trailer. Take a look at your story and think about the conflicts, the build up and the climax. What makes your book interesting? How would you present your story to a random person on the street to convince them to buy it right then and there without giving away any spoilers? Your book trailer is that smell of bacon in the morning that forces you to get out of bed.


Where does my book trailer go?

On your author website. On your social media pages. Anywhere you can get viewer’s eyes on your video, post it. Time the release of your book trailer with a press release and get a buzz going. Give it to your friends and family to share and like on their own social media pages. The internet is a massive and free billboard. Use it!


Interested in a book trailer for your book? Contact us at ask@bookfuel.com to find out how we can help! 

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