Select Authors Published in September

We’re very excited to announce the releases of five incredible new books – you’ll want to add them to your TBR shelves on Goodreads right away! Congratulations to the following BookFuel authors who published in September!








The Crossbreeds: Ashiya & Ronald’s Journey – Book 1 by Carissa Edwards

In this series of The Cross-Breeds within the first book you are introduced to the two major characters Ashiya and Ronald. Both of them having special powers and turn from humans to wolves known as a shifter and then sometimes go from having a half wolf body with a half human body known as a Cross-Breed. Within this book series the readers will meet the different cross-breeds from current pet animals to extinct dinosaurs. The main plot of this story is for the cross-breed race to protect their own from being extinct. Fighting off the humans that want to take their powers to use for science. In time the series will jump from present to past learning about the different breeds and how they started their journey amongst living with the human race.


Fight by N.C. Soto

My pack was once happy and peaceful. Till the day a pack of wild werewolves came into our home. Killed my father. The alpha. Their leader became ours and our once happy peaceful home became a hell on earth for my kind. The male werewolves are free to do whatever they want. The female shifters like me have all the laws pinning us down. Not able to do anything our fight is a dimming light, but I refuse to give in. I will always fight no matter what.


Game Worn Guide to St. Louis Cardinals Jerseys by William Henderson

The jersey-collecting hobby has exploded in recent years. Coupling the vast array of jerseys worn by MLB teams, and their availability from so many sources (especially on the Web, where both bargains and frauds abound!), this book provides a complete guide to the fan and collector.

This title is approximately 400 pages. It charts over 100 pages of detail of all jerseys worn by the St. Louis Cardinals for every year from 1970 through 2015. Profusely illustrated with photographs, it includes detail on every home, road and alternate jersey, as well as all special events ones (like St. Patrick’s Day, various ethnic heritage, Memorial Day camouflage, Turn Back the Clock, etc.). All Spring Training/Batting Practice jerseys are included as well. Prototypes, on-field mistakes and oddball jerseys are pictured, as are photos and information on every commemorative sleeve patch worn during these years, and the dates they appeared. Provides hours of enjoyable reading, and a permanent reference that the reader will refer to often.

Besides the Cardinals specific detail. The book includes approximately 300 pages of general collectors’ information applicable to all teams, including tips on detecting and avoiding bogus/counterfeit jerseys; and what to look for in jerseys claimed to be game worn or team-issued. It also includes chapters on the basics of collecting; jersey construction/fabrics and trim, a listing of all league-wide commemorative, All-Star and postseason patches, plus deep detail on manufacturer and team tagging of both team-issued and Authentic Retail merchandise.


Homestead by Debbie Cole

Dogs, horses and cows Oh My!

The unexpected inheritance of the old family farm takes Katie Brieten, a disabled woman Marine, to a place of healing and discovery. Her renovation of her Grand Parents ramshackle house and property give her a new reason for living after the loss of her fiancé and her crippling injuries in Iraq. Then the discovery of a fifty year old murder mystery takes her into the dark side of a small south Texas town and puts at risk all that she has accomplished.


I Am & You Are! Inspirational Poems by Rasheeda Johnson

I Am & You Are is an inspirational poem book where one is trying to uplift the reader as much as possible by getting him or her to draw closer to God like the waters with the beaming sun on the cover.

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