7 Authors to Follow on Twitter RIGHT NOW!

Twitter has move than 316 million monthly active users, making it hard for users to figure out who to follow and why. While we can’t help you find the best way to wear a scarf this fall, we can help you find a few good authors to follow. Below is a list of authors who tweet about everything from politics and social issues to book tours and crowdfunding. We hope you enjoy this list and please let us know who we missed in the comments!


Amanda Palmer
Amanda is equally famous for her musical talents as she is her writing talents, but what put her on the “mainstream” map was her incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign for an album in 2012. Raising almost $1.2 million in funds (the largest amount raised by that point), she later went on to write a memoir titled The Art of Asking. She’s very active on Twitter and makes a conscious effort to interact with her followers, which only grows her reach. Her tweets are a mix of books, music, and personal insights, many of which are informal and give her fans a glimpse into her world.

Follow Amanda if you like people who tell it like it is.


Celeste Ng
Ng’s debut novel, Everything I Never Told You, was Amazon’s top pick in 2014, beating out titles by literary titans such as Stephen King and Hilary Mantel. A Twitter darling, Ng is loved for both her book and her support for improving diversity in literature, not to mention her hilarious tweets. Her tweets are a combination of commentary on current events, the weird things she sees during her day, and support for other authors. Extremely approachable, she’s an author who made it big (really big) with her debut and it is fun to go on the ride with her.

Follow Celeste if you want to laugh and learn something and the same time.


Margaret Atwood
One of the literary greats, Atwood is a prolific author who is not afraid to share her opinions with the world. In addition to writing books like The Handmaid’s Tale, she also writes guest pieces for various magazines and can set the Twitter world abuzz with just one tweet. Her tweets are more on the “serious” side and include her thoughts on politics, world affairs, and, of course, books.

Follow Margaret if you are interested in the more serious side of the literary world.


Cynthia Bond
Before her book, Ruby, was selected as an Oprah Book Club pick, Cynthia had a loyal fan base who just knew she was going to be big. Although Bond only tweets, on average, once a day, her followers get a glimpse into the life of a busy writer and mom. Her feed is filled with adorable stories about her children and life as a mom and is peppered with updates about her book.

Follow Cynthia if you want to learn about being a writer with kids.


Neil Gaiman
A cult favourite, Gaiman is the author of American Gods, which is in the process of being adapted for television. He’s also married to Amanda Palmer, but their approaches to Twitter are wildly different. Although both are very responsive to their fans, Gaiman’s tweets tend to focus on sharing stories that are meant to inspire and give praise to other artists. One gets the impression that he’s a private person, so it’s always a treat when he shares something more personal.

Follow Neil if you want to be inspired.


Jenny Milchman
Proud holder of the “World’s Longest Book Tour” title, Milchman is knowledgeable in virtually every aspect of the publishing industry, but more importantly, she knows how to self-promote. Book tour aside, she hosts a weekly radio show called Next Steps, where she chats with authors about their path to publication and where they are going next. She’s a book blogger favorite and is an active supporter of authors, both traditionally and self-published. Her tweets range from praise and promotion of other authors to sharing her stories from the road and they always look at the bright side.

Follow Jenny if you need some positivity in your life.


Ta-Nehisi Coates
If you haven’t heard of Ta-Nehisi Coates, you will. His book, Between the World and Me, was just listed as a National Book Award finalist and Toni Morrison has praised him as author to “fill the intellectual void” left by the death of James Baldwin. Also a writer for The Atlantic, Coates writes primarily about social issues in America, particularly race relations. His rising star has people talking about him (and for good reason), which makes him a great author to follow if you want to stay in the know.

Follow Ta-Nehisi if you are interested in social justice or want to follow an author in the midst of rising in popularity. 

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