Traditional Marketing Is Not Dead: How to Promote Your Book Offline

Many authors today are not particularly tech savvy, meaning they may miss out on a potential market of readers simply because they don’t know how to reach them. Whether you fall into this camp or are a tech savant, traditional marketing is still a viable option for spreading the word about your new book. In addition to being something that’s available to everyone, it’s also fairly inexpensive. Here are 5 ways you can market your book in a more traditional way (meaning offline):


Partner up with your local bookstore. The great thing about local bookstores is that consumers tend to be more loyal and they get face time with the owner. The combined effect is that being a recommended read by the store can have a lot of sway; the readers already trust the store and its owner and are more willing to take a chance on a new book. Plus, it gives you a safe place to do a book signing or reading, something that is scary but necessary.


Do a book tour. Book tours are a fantastic way to get out and meet your readers, network with other authors, and build relationships with other bookstores. How far you can travel will depend on your budget, but even a local book tour that spans a nearby major city and a few of its suburbs can generate some word of mouth and translate into sales.


Print out bookmarks. People love bookmarks. People especially love bookmarks proudly displaying clever quotes about reading or, say, kittens. So use this to your advantage and start leaving bookmarks at your local bookstore or leaving it at your favorite coffeehouse.


Print out business cards. Unlike bookmarks, business cards are more flexible regarding where you can leave them, so leave them everywhere. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few examples of where you can put them (and don’t forget to send some to friends and family to do the same!):

·      In the folder your restaurant bill comes in

·      At bookstores, such as leaning against a book similar to yours

·      In your mailbox

·      In every piece of mail you send

·      At the doctor’s office

·      Local community boards

·      Grocery stores

Keep your pen handy. Believe it or not, having your pen handy at all times can help you promote your book. Write your book title and URL on everything, including gas station receipts, books donated to the library, the back of every envelope you mail. Think about it – every piece of paper you sign has a beginning and end, but there’s no telling how many people will see it in the process, so why not boost your odds?


The lesson to be learned is that, whether it’s the postal workers or the restaurant manager tallying the receipts at the end of their shift, you never know who will see your information and be intrigued.  Your book is an accomplishment, and it should be treated as such. SO, adopt the attitude that, of course, everyone would want to read your book if only they knew about it, and keep putting your name out there. Eventually, someone will.

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