Best Podcasts for Writers

There are many different great podcasts out there that can help writers navigate the various different aspects of the process. Today we’ve found five of our favorites to share with you. Some touch on writing and motivation, others on marketing and how to balance the rest of your life with your work. Take a look — you just might find your new favorite playlist.


Writing Excuses: This podcast is run by authors Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal and Howard Tayler. It is incredibly popular and found on many similar lists, being a go-to recommendation for many. One great thing about it is that it’s quick. So if you’re short on time this is a great way to go. At only fifteen minutes long this podcast will give you great advice while fitting into your busy schedule.


Novel Marketing: As the title of this podcast suggests, Novel Marketing focuses on the marketing side of things. So after you’ve written that amazing novel and you’re tempted to let whatever happens, happen, stop and take some time to listen to this podcast. Marketing is important if you want to sell anything. Yes, it can be one of the more boring and overwhelming areas of the writing process, especially to the creative types, but you can’t ignore it. Novel Marketing will help.


Portfolio Life: Do you struggle with balancing all aspects of your life with your writing life? Jeff Goins focuses on this balance in his podcast, Portfolio Life. To Goins, your life is made up of everything you do, not just your career. If you are in need of some inspiration and guidance or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to favor one part of your life over the other, check out Portfolio Life.


I Should Be Writing: Run by the hilarious Mur Lafferty, this podcast is great for aspiring writers yet writers at all stages will find something here. Lafferty provides encouraging support as you attempt to navigate the crazy world of writing and publishing. This podcast is also about to hit its 10th birthday, so check out the archived episodes. You should find plenty to keep you writing!


Stuff You Missed in History Class: While not a writing podcast, this podcast is fantastic if you are searching for ideas. Delving into the lesser known stories of history is fascinating and can provide you with some great ideas. So if you’re stuck and need a little inspiration beyond your usual, check out Stuff You Missed. You’ll be glad you did.

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