What is a blog tour and should I pursue one?

There are a lot of different ways to market your book on the internet. While you may be familiar with most of them, including having your own blog–have you heard of blog tours? Blog tours are a great way to get the word out about your book to a large population of readers in a short amount of time.

So what are blog tours exactly? A blog tour is when you book guest posts on multiple blogs within a certain period of time. Think of the way a singer or comedian goes on tour from city to city, only this time it’s you and you’re going from blog to blog, promoting your book. Blog tours are increasing in popularity and can be a great help to the self-published author.

The benefits are fairly obvious. If you are thoughtful in selecting the blogs you tour, you have an opportunity to spark the interest of a lot of readers. With a post about your book on someone else’s blog, whether it’s an interview, book trailer, etc.; you can also lead readers back to your own blog, anchor page, Facebook or Amazon author page.

There are drawbacks to this form of promotion, but most lie in the logistics of setting it up. You want to do a blog tour? Great–but how do you even begin? Finding bloggers you can work with to make a tour worthwhile can be a daunting task. One way is to network. Find other authors like yourself who work in the same genre. Start with your local writing group and trade time on each other’s blogs. Of course this only helps you if they have a large blog readership — because that’s the whole point, right?

Ultimately, your goal is always to increase your readership and gain book sales and if done right, a blog tour can accomplish that. We have compiled a list of a few sites that can help you start your tour, some are free while others charge a small fee. Hopefully it’ll give you a good start!

Have you done a blog tour already? Was it worth your time? Let us know!

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