Introducing LaunchPad

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of LaunchPad, a tool to guide indie publishers through every step of the publishing process, ensuring that you’re armed with the same know-how as seasoned, veteran publishers.

Publishing is difficult. There’s an enormous amount to know, dozens—if not hundreds—of small decisions to be made, and plenty of ways to falter. When you self-publish, you’re more than an author: you have to take on the roles of publisher, agent, publicist, and marketing staff. Nobody’s born knowing how to excel at all of this at once, and most people learn the hard way, through gritty trial and error. Building a book with LaunchPad ensures that your book gets the care and professional attention it would get at any big publishing house. So, don’t just publish your book. Publish it well, and give it every chance to succeed.


An Interactive Publishing Experience

LaunchPad assembles all of the knowledge and tools you need, right in one place, and offers an interactive publishing experience. Step by step, we walk you through everything you need to do to prepare your book for market, publish a top-notch product, and market it. What’s more, LaunchPad tracks your progress in every area of your project, helping you stay organized and on task.


A Structured Approach

LaunchPad guides you through these 3 major tasks :

Edit – Follow our guidelines to edit your own book and build a community of writers who can provide feedback and encouragement.

Publish – Learn about the many options available to self-publish your ebook, paperback or hardcover.

Market – Take these practical steps to make sure you get the word out about your book using social media, an author website, and live readings.

Users have the option of following BookFuel’s recommended method of bringing a self-published book to market or customizing their own book project.  Check out our newly redesigned look and feel.


Don’t Go It Alone

In addition to offering a breadth of knowledge and actionable advice, you can use LaunchPad to connect with BookFuel’s editorial, design, marketing, and distribution teams whenever you need an extra hand. Bring in a few pros and watch your book flourish.


Room to Grow

LaunchPad’s introduction marks a new era for BookFuel. It represents a framework on which we expect to build new and better tools for authors to write, publish, and sell better books. Get in on the ground floor and grow with us—our creative journey is only getting started, and we want to be there for yours.


Give it a shot!

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