Seven Ideas to Help Build Up Your Facebook Like Campaign

A campaign is a series of activities designed to produce a particular result. A Facebook “like” campaign is a series of activities that help you organically grow your following by getting people to “like” your page and “like” your posts in order to grow your fan base and ultimately get more exposure.  Before getting into it there are a couple quick reminders about social media etiquette – be sure to engage with your followers, don’t just leave them hanging. Respond to comments, ‘like’ comments back, and follow back when you can (some people don’t have public pages and you can’t follow them back). For more social media etiquette tips, check out this blog post on social media etiquette.


If you’re one of those people who are worried about numbers, the best times to post, and need to get all scientific about this, there are a ton of blog posts about the subject. Lots of people have spent time figuring this out. Frankly, it gives me a headache. I have more fun with the creative ways to try and engage people. I’ll include some of those more technical sites for your edification should you choose (and even if it gives you a headache, I suggest you do).

Now some tips to help your “like” campaign – the first six are more time consuming but less costly.


Like other people

Find social media accounts similar to yours – other authors, selfpub companies, publishers, reviewers, and bookstores and “like” them. Spend some time liking their posts. Comment on their posts. I can’t say this enough – ENGAGE, and have some fun.



When you find something you like on someone’s site, share it on yours and give them credit. Try and share something a couple times of week.


Create Original Posts with Your Name on it

Find some great quotes about writing, reading, or just life. Create a picture with a quotation on it and put your name or logo on it. Make sure you give the original author of the quote credit. Post it to all of your social media sites.


Have a contest

Have people help pick the title of your book, a character’s name, or your book cover. Offer a free copy of a book for the winner. Give away an Amazon Gift Certificate for reviews for your book. Do a random drawing.


Give People an Opportunity to Share

Have posts requesting people to share their books, their Facebook page, or other social media sites.


Include a “Like” Button

Include a Facebook “like” button on your blog as well as each blog post, and a link to your FB page on your other social media sites. I’ve seen people ask for a FB like when thanking me for following them on Twitter. I usually go to their FB page and follow them (assuming they’re legit).


Paid Ads & Paid Likes

There are some great tips below. If you can afford it, it’s a good way to get yourself out there, especially at the beginning of building your author platform. It’s an investment in time and money, but worth it.

I won’t kid you, this takes quite a bit of time and effort, but it’s an important way to build your author brand. The amount of work doesn’t always equate in a dramatic increase of book sales. What it does is give people an awareness of who you are.  If you’re going to write more than one book, that’s important.


Some good blogs/articles about the boring number & how-to stuff:

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