Why You Should Use Kickstarter for Your Next Book

Authors coming off of successful crowdfunding campaigns are among the most successful of all self-publishers. A good crowdfunding campaign generates buzz for the book and essentially mirrors a traditional pre-order system. Even a modest success may secure a few hundred backers, which is more than many indie authors ever sell.


That said, Kickstarters are a huge amount of work for the author. Doing it right takes up a great deal of time during the period the campaign is live, but most campaigns can be said to start or fail before they’ve ever started. And the problem for a lot of people is that they don’t have all the skills to showcase the work well and sell the audience on funding it, regardless of the quality of the product. The same mistakes are made over and over again: the reward tiers are all wrong. They ask for too much or too little money. Their actual campaign page is organized poorly or written terribly. They don’t do a video because they don’t know anything about making a video.


The best way to avoid all of these pitfalls is to team up with someone who knows the lay of the land. A company like BookFuel can not only help set up a campaign the right way (and take care of actually producing the final product), but they can also help spread the word about it—who wouldn’t want an extra 32,000 people seeing Facebook and Twitter updates about your book?


If you’re an author trying to crowdfund by yourself, it can be a lonely, overwhelming road—so align yourself with people who have your back. Whether that’s a publisher, other authors you’re friends with, a marketing group, or just your friends and family, you’ll be glad you had allies when the project goes live.


And when the project does go live, you’ll want to make sure the deck is stacked in your favor, maximizing your chances of success. In Part 5, we’ll finally dig deep about how to make that perfect campaign.


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Interested in getting help with your next crowdfunding campaign? We can help. Email authorinfo@bookfuel.com for more information.

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