What Other Crowdsourcing Platforms Are Out There?

In Part 1 and Part 2, we dug into what Kickstarter is, how many authors are using it to publish their books, and what those authors have in common. Today, we’ll discuss a few Kickstarter alternatives, including IndieGoGo, Pubslush, and Unbound.


What Other Crowdsourcing Platforms Are Out There?

A bunch. IndieGoGo is the other you’re most likely to know about, and it has one big advantage over Kickstarter: even if your project fails to meet its funding goal, you can still get what money you did raise (with Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing.) The success rate for IndieGoGo is lower, though, and the ecosystem of the community is less publishing-friendly—publishing is one of the larger categories on Kickstarter, but it’s less common on IndieGoGo. Still, there are absolutely instances in which an IndieGoGo campaign may be a better choice; it all boils down to the specific project.

Then there are crowdfunding websites specifically for books. Pubslush is one such site, as is UK-based Unbound. The audiences for niche crowdfunding sites are smaller, and the funding raised tends to be smaller as a result, but they’re not to be discounted. Each of these sites has their own ecosystem, their own community of regulars, etc. The ideal crowdfunding campaign for any book requires careful planning, plenty of research, and a great amount of expertise—but the perfect campaign is different for every book.

Still on the fence about whether or not you should try to crowdfund your book? In Part 4, we’ll convince you otherwise and tell you how to do it right in Part 5.

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