A Month of Writing Prompts

We provided a daily writing prompt on our BookFuel Facebook page for NaNoWriMo writing challenge and thought it would be helpful for some of you to compile them here on our blog and give you a month’s worth of writing prompts. These particular prompts were designed to help your story along, and develop your characters rather than spur an idea for a new story, or to create a writing exercise. Here you go:







What do your characters do on a lazy summer day?

You can set this scene up by one of your characters having to babysit or telling his/her own kids a bedside story – the point is you need to make up a fairy tale that fits within your story or scene.

Writing Prompt, Day 27 — write about a holiday meal, party or barbeque with your family and friends. If you’refamily is anything like some of ours, you’ll have great material.


We try to give you all a weekly writing prompt on Wednesdays on our Facebook page. Be sure to check in weekly for some great ideas. They can spur an idea for a new story, or help you get out of a writing funk by giving you an impromptu and short writing exercise.

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