Keep the Social in Social Media

There are a ton of blog posts and articles about how to make sure your blog has the proper SEO information to make sure you have the most visitors. There are articles about the right algorithms on how to post on Facebook for the maximum amount of views and reach. This is not one of those posts. This post is about you having fun, because social media should be fun. Social media should also be social.


Here’s the deal, we’ve gotten too crazy about promoting on our social media accounts, and you should still do that, just not as much, like maybe 10-20 percent of the time. What you really want to do is, engage, inform, and share.


On your Facebook and Twitter posts ask questions about what your fans, readers, potential fans, and other authors think about a subject. Whatever subject YOU find interesting. Have a conversation with your social media buddies. Offer information about your writing process, how you organize your day, how you get your inspiration — whatever it is you do well (or you can do a fun piece on what you need a little help with). Which brings me to, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Share other people’s blogs, posts, articles about writing, book reviews, motivations, writing prompts or anything you find interesting. You’re giving information you feel is valuable, and you’re doing a “solid” for another blogger, author, or fan. Then, once in awhile, promote your book. Try not to post more than 4-5 times a day, but do try to at least post a couple times a day. Facebook does have a schedule feature, so there shouldn’t be a problem getting your posts onto Facebook regularly.


Your blog is a great opportunity to inform and share on a deeper level. Share with your readers your process, your inspirations, your history, or anything you find interesting. You can make your blog personal and light, serious and informative, or both (for those of us who can’t decide what kind of blogger we want to be or are Geminis). Talk a little about yourself; what kind of things you like to do, how your holidays are going, what your family is like. No need to give personal details, like names, or even where you live; you should keep some things private for safety’s sake, but do get a little personal so that readers and fans can get to know who you are. Again, like Facebook, “sell” your book as a blog post occasionally. Do have links on your side bar to where your book is sold. Each time you do blog, share the link on your other social media accounts.


On all your accounts, follow your readers, other authors, and fans. Be sure you engage on other people’s posts. Start a dialogue with other people on their social media sites (appropriately and respectfully). Unless asked, don’t sell on other people’s accounts.


My most important piece advice about social media – have fun. Social media should not be a chore, it should be a time when you can let loose and be yourself — like having a cup of coffee with 500 of your favorite friends.


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