Helping Writers Self Publish

Your book is written, or almost written and you may or may not have given it a run through and corrected those easier grammar and spelling mistakes. Now what do you do? I’m glad you asked, because I actually have an answer (and this is rarely the case). BookFuel has a ton of services to help you self-publish your own work. You can do as much of the work yourself, and pay us for our help in the areas you don’t want to do yourself. If you’re good at one thing, concentrate on that and have us to do the self-publishing things you aren’t interested in doing, or find difficult. The wonderful thing about us is you get to decide what you want to do and have us as a back up for the things you don’t want to do.


One of our absolute favorite things to offer authors is an education on self-publishing. We offer those in the form of YouTube videos, webinars, blog posts, and sharing other experts’ articles on Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, and Facebook (if you haven’t followed us, do so, we really do enjoy sharing information with our authors, as well as writing prompts, and motivations). Most of these educational services are free. Yup – you read that right, free.


We have services geared towards helping you produce a professional looking book, through editing, cover design, Print on Demand layouts, and EBook Conversion formatting.  We also have marketing services to help you market your book, establish social media accounts, and create your own website with your own domain.


These are all awesome, but for those of you who need an extra nudge, or need a timeline we’re offering something very exciting (I’m so excited, I’m positvely squeaking – if only you could hear that through my typing). It’s called the Launch 60 Program. If you follow this program, you’ll be able to self-publish your book in 60 days. It includes premiere membership, an eight week publishing course, copy/line editing, proofing, EBook conversion, print layout, cover design & book jacket, author website, book distribution to various sites, book trailer, and book reviews.  It also includes a Kindle fire HD 6 – now that’s pretty cool, and yes, I am a nerd. (This is with the Pro edition of Launch60).


However you slice it, we’ve got something for you with prices that range from free to whatever you can afford. You will always be in charge of your project and you will own everything that is done for you. We are a service and our only vested interest is helping you self-publish your work.

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