All Book Covers are Judged, The Good Ones are Purchased

How many of you remember the iconic book cover of some of your favorite children’s books, like Charlotte’s Web? You don’t even have to read the title to know which book this is.Have you ever chosen a book based on the cover; at least picked it up based on the cover to read the jacket? We are visual people and are drawn to compelling, eye-catching imagery. Most of us even decorated our brown paper bag covered textbooks with stickers and colorful drawings. We like nicely wrapped packages and are excited to see what’s inside (well maybe not so much those textbooks). Having a well-designed book cover is important in marketing your book. According to Simon Avery in his article “Publishing: How To Design The Best Book Cover for Online Sales” on, a well-designed cover matters even more online. The author has seconds to grab the attention of an online browser, with just a thumbnail sized image. Terri Giuliano Long in her article “Yes, We Really Do Judge Books by Their Covers” for Indie suggests that book covers do more than capture a potential reader, they also declare a brand for those who are writing a series. Think Harry Potter, particularly the font. Giuliano Long states a well-designed cover will help bloggers choose to post about your book during a blog tour or a review. Bloggers are inundated with pitches and having an eye-capturing book cover will stand out to them. Studies show, according to Giuliano Long, a better-designed cover helps to sell books. R.L. Mathewson, a romance writer updated her book cover and went from selling up to six copies a day to over 1,000.


In our free webinar, “First Impressions Do Matter: a few basic tips for your cover art” we suggest your cover art is:

1. Compelling, and eye-catching

2. Clearly indicate the genre of the book

3. Look professional, and for non-fiction books

4. Include the benefit promise.


The common advice in various articles regarding book cover design is to makes sure you have a professional looking cover. In Giuliano Long’s article a reader bypasses any book with a cover that looks like a catalogue picture with words. Avery suggests commissioning a designer who understands Amazon in order to maximize your chances of getting a potential reader to stop long enough to read your book’s jacket.


Where do you, as a self-published author, turn to have your cover professionally designed? Well, I’m glad you asked. BookFuel has designers to help you create a compelling design that tells captures potential readers. Check out our services here



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