The top 5 ways to use back matter to market your self-published book

Use your own book as free marketing for your other books and future books. Here are some tips on how to use back matter (the pages at the end of your book) for promoting your author brand.


1.    Promote your website. Invite people to come to your website and make it clear what they’ll get when they visit. Offer a downloadable book club guide, an author Q & A, or a special video discussing the backstory of your hero or heroine. Insider glimpses build a relationship between author and reader. Drive readers to your website, where they can learn more about you, your writing, and other books you have written or may be writing.


2.    Invite people to connect with your social properties. When you engage with readers on social media, you become visible to their friends and family. Use your back matter to invite readers to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, GoodReads, or any social media platforms where you’re active. Every tweet, retweet, follow, share, comment, and pin will help readers share your books with a wider audience.


3.    Tease your upcoming book with a sample chapter. Steal this strategy of bestselling authors and top publishing houses. Tease your audience with a sample chapter from your new book. Use your back matter to include the sample chapter and a paragraph description about the upcoming book, the title, and the publication date, if known. You’ll garner the double bonus of previewing your new book with readers most likely to purchase it, and you’ll encourage them to help you promote the new book by sharing feedback on your Facebook page, which will be visible to all their friends.


4.    Market your backlist. When a reader buys your book and discovers other books of yours through the back matter, you’re promoting your books to them at the exact moment in which they’re most likely to want to purchase another book by you. Make sure they have the links, titles, and descriptions of all the books you’ve written in one easy-to-access place through your back matter.


5.    Entice readers to sign up for your email list with a special offer. Promote a special offer to readers of your book by directing them to a dedicated landing page just for them. Give them a bonus short story as a reward for signing up for your email list. Encourage them to tell you what they think on Facebook for added visibility.


Back matter is a simple and inexpensive way to market your self-published books, and these top five strategies will help you grow your author brand.

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