Should You Blog? We think So.

Blogging? Yes.

Here’s why.

Blogging gives you a platform to tell people who you are and to introduce your book to the world. Your goal with blogging is to help create interest in your work to help generate sales and curiosity about YOU, which helps generate fans. Having fans will help you sell your other books, even the books still in your head.


Blogging is a way to engage your readers and fans and for you to get to know each other.  It’s a great way to find readers to review your work for your Amazon™ Author Page, GoodReads, and/or other social media arenas. Not only will you develop relationships with your readers, you will also be part of the community of authors who blog. This is an opportunity to exchange ideas, tips, and support with others who understand what you do on a level that others do not (you know like those friends and relatives who think you should get a ‘real’ job).


Your wisdom is valuable. Writing about writing, or your perspective on publishing or self-publishing can help other writers, especially those starting their writing careers. It’s a way to give back to the writing community.


It’s a free way to market. Do we need to say anything more here? Free is good, right?


You may feel blogging is beneath you as an “author” (said with lower jaw thrust forward in that upper-crust-blue-blood accent). We’re not asking you to be a blogger, we’re asking you to be an author who blogs. It’s a more relaxed style to write, who knows, you may have some fun.


You’re a writer; you have the right skill set to blog, since blogging is primarily writing. Although, the writing skill set needed for blogging is not as intricate as writing a novel, it’s still important to have a well-written blog, especially, if you are trying to use that blog to help promote your work.


So yeah, you got this.

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