Increase Your Success by Thinking Like a Publisher

As a self-published author you need to get out of writing mode and into publishing mode. But how do you do that? You do that by thinking like a publisher and we’re here to tell you how.

We’re including a quick written recap here on our blog, but you will want to watch the webinar:Increase Your Success by Thinking Like a Publisher.

Approach your strategy like a business. Publishers evaluate the work of their writers to determine their ability to sell it.  You need to critically self-evaluate your work in the same way. Ask yourself if your work is compelling, unique? Who is your audience? This is a question that needs a specific and detailed answer; you are not only identifying your market but also figuring out how to reach that market.

Make a business plan. This includes your investment amount, production schedule, marketing plan, and launch time line. You should budget around $5,000 for editing, production and marketing. Create an author anchor website, preferably with your own domain. This is something that belongs to you and can’t be taken away. This is where you include your author persona, blog, and links to where your book is sold. It’s also a good idea to host contests and ask for reviewers.

Competition is fierce in this line of work. There are over 1500 books traditionally published daily. Make sure you have a good product, price it correctly, and market the heck out of it.

Keep track of your sales on a daily basis. Adjust your marketing plan based on the numbers. See which methods are working with your book and your fan base.

Watch the webinar for a more detailed plan on how to bring your book to market by thinking like a publisher.

The link for the webinar is here: Increase Your Success by Thinking Like a Publisher. 

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