Do you need an author headshot, but don’t like your picture? Problem solved!

Illustrated Avatar

Illustrated Avatar

One piece of advice you’re going to hear frequently is: “You need to create a web identity, and this includes a professionally photographed head-and-shoulders picture that you can use as your avatar for social media accounts.” That’s good advice, but what if you’re not comfortable with how you look in your best picture? What if the picture with your best smile also includes an arm draped around your shoulders? What if you just can’t stand getting your photograph taken?

Here’s an idea: why not try creating an illustrated avatar? You may even be able to stregthen your web identity by creating an avatar that is relevant to your brand and/or your main writing genre. Even if you’re publishing nonfiction books, your target readers might connect better with an illustrated version of you.


If this sounds interesting, check out They have a range of illustration styles and pricing tiers available. Just for fun, I did one, and here’s the result:

My Headshot:                                                                               My Illustrated Avatar:

My Headshot:                                         My Illustrated Avatar

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Let us know how your portrait turns out.

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