9 Tips to Create a Sales-Driving Book Trailer

Book trailers are short video commercials introducing your book to potential readers. A book trailer makes a great addition to your website homepage, and can be used on your Amazon author page and to create excitement about your book on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.


We’ve put together our top 9 tips every self-publishing author should keep in mind when putting together a book trailer to drive sales.


  1. Storyboard your book trailer message. Just as your book tells a story, so should your book trailer. This very short story should introduce your book with a hook and tease your viewer with a provocative ending or question.
  2. Keep your book trailer short. One minute and fifteen seconds is a good target length. People have short attention spans and their time has become their most valuable asset. Reward them for clicking on your video with a short, entertaining teaser for your new book.
  3. End your trailer with a shot of your ebook cover and an “available now” tag. Or, if you’re using your book trailer to drive pre-orders, your tag should say “pre-order now.”
  4. Echo the same formula used in your book description, ending with an emotional hook or question. A non-fiction book about retirement might end with “Will you outlast your money?” A dystopian novel trailer might end with “What if the only family you ever knew was a lie?
  5. Use professional stock footage and stock music from paid or royalty-free web sites. Montages of stills can be effective, too. Photo and video stock sites such as iStockphoto and depositphotos are good, inexpensive resources.
  6. Unless you are an experienced voice-over artist and you have a recording studio, use a professional. While you may be tempted to do the voice-over yourself because you are on a budget, using a professional can make the difference between a professional-looking and -sounding trailer and one that looks amateurish.
  7. Know the various aspect ratios and preferred file formats for the sites where you will upload your trailer. This takes a little research to find the ideal file formats for most viewers. You can host your video trailer on YouTube or Vimeo and embed it on your website if you’ve created it with the proper aspects. The goal is to make sure that wherever you share your new book trailer, it will play at full size without being cut off or stretched to distortion. You’ll want your book trailer to be a HD quality video file in 1280 x 720 resolution for best viewing on all screens.
  8. Good quality sound can make the difference in a book trailer. In addition to a professional voice-over narration, any music or sound effects need to be professionally added for best results, and a good sound design and engineer will use music and sound to enhance the story of your trailer message.
  9. Create a marketing plan for your book trailer just as you would for your book, and plan to share it on all of your social sites, your website, your author support groups, and as a link in your email signature.

Our social media platforms increasingly reward visual content above status-only updates. Using book trailers in your social marketing can create an emmotional connection to you and your book, attracting new friends, fans, followers, subscribers, and with your professional presentation.


If you know you’d like to use book trailers in your self-publishing strategy, take a look at our professional BookFuel Book Trailer services.

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