5 Tips for Marketing Your Book with Freebies

Giving away the book you’ve worked so hard to write and publish can be one of the smartest book marketing strategies available to you, and it may just be the least expensive promotion you’ll ever do.


  1. Make a chapter or two free to readers on your website to introduce new readers to your writing style, characters, and setting. Make sure you’re giving chapters that will truly hook your reader and leave them begging for more.
  2. Create a free account on Wattpad.com, where other readers and writers are already discovering new voices and books. Make your book available on Wattpad, one chapter at a time, asking for feedback along the way. You’ll not only delight readers, but also create passionate followers who are eager to co-create your marketing campaign through positive word-of-mouth recommendations to their friends and reader reviews on sales sites such as Amazon.com, BN.com and more.
  3. Give large excerpts of your book to websites where readers gather to discover new books. Offer free chapters and perhaps an interview and a couple of signed copies they can give away on either their website or social sites. You’ll be helping them introduce you to their readers and they’ll get books for giveaway.
  4. If you’re a series writer and are at least two books into your series, you might want to try this marketing tip. Make your entire first book free, all the time. Reading and loving your first book is an ideal way to entice readers to buy book two, three, and beyond. New readers will try your book because there isn’t a cost, but they’ll stay and purchase additional books in the series once they fall in love with your work.
  5. Seed the readership by giving away free books during your launch. Setting aside twenty or so books for giveaways can be the least expensive promotion and marketing an author can do. Ask readers to tell you why they’d like a free copy of your book, choose twenty winners, and send them an autographed copy of your new release. Ask them to email you a photo of them with your book and let them know you’ll be posting those photos to your Facebook or blog, inviting others to send you their #amreading pictures.


The idea of free, as a book marketing tool, is to let readers sample your work. Once you’ve hooked readers with your style, setting, characters, and plot, they’ll gladly buy your work and recommend your book to others.

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