Webinar Recap: Marketing Your Book: The Post Launch Phase

At this stage of your journey you have finished your book, it’s ready for sale, your Book Sales pages are ready, you have a time and money budget for marketing, and your expectations fit your experience and planned investment (check out our webinars for pre-launch and launch stages for more information on these points). The post launch stage is the start of your marketing marathon where your sales cycle contributes to your author brand and long-term income. The key points of your post launch stage include: finding your superfan base, determining awareness and interest of your work, tracking purchase history, and deciding where and when your post-launch finish line is.

Finding your superfan base is important because these are the people you are targeting in your marketing efforts. These are the fans that are purchasing a book a week, are responsible for over 49% of eBook revenue, most likely live in the suburbs, and have a median household income of 50-75K/year. Pinpoint these superfans within the genre of your book.

Superfans are found in groups on Goodreads and LibrayThing, in genre-based book clubs, on book groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and superfans monitor what’s trending on Twitter via hastags. Superfans browse the top 100-paid, and top 100-free lists in their preferred genre on Amazon.

BookFuel also recommends continuing interest in your work by sharing snippets of your work on your social media sites, include testimonials, and regularly update your social media accounts.

Pick and end date. There is a time to stop marketing and start your next masterpiece.

To learn more about this post-launch stage of marketing your book, please check out our free webinar: Marketing Your Book: The Post Launch Phase.

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