Using BookFuel Membership: Step #1 – Getting Started

BookFuel Planning Overview

BookFuel Planning Overview

Get started on your publishing journey with BookFuel.

A friend suggested I write a book (actually lots of friends and family suggest I write a book) I prefer the “some day” way of living my life. My friend was having none of that. He suggested I do it, and do it now.

Okay – why not?

I’ve wanted to be a writer for like forever. I remember always writing short stories, poetry, descriptions of life – whatever struck me as interesting at the time. I even majored in Creative Writing in college. That’s where I found out I wasn’t really that good. Now that I’m older (okay, quite a bit older), I realize maybe it’s that I wasn’t “good enough;” maybe it’s that I didn’t try hard enough. I do have like 100 ideas for some stories and even though blogging is fun, maybe it’s time to get a little more real with writing.

I picked one of those ideas – a sort of paranormal-nursing-romantic-drama. I’ll have to figure out an actual genre, because I don’t think this is a category on Amazon – more on that later. After deciding on an idea, I signed up for a BookFuel membership. I was assigned my very own personal advisor who I can email any time I have a question about any part of the publishing process. I was given introductory movies to watch, conveniently located on the first page. It also looked like I could have multiple projects going at one time. Really, though, as I was grudgingly talked into doing this project, I’m not sure I’m ready to dive into another one just yet (oh, who am I kidding, I probably will).

After watching the movies, I clicked onto the first step that is the first step for self-publishing – The Planning Overview; this is a way to organize the publishing process and get you thinking about what to do next in regards to publishing your book. This tool helps you think about who your target audience is, in what genre you are writing, or what you would like your pen name to be. And it does this is a logical, organized fashion. Each section is a link to another screen where you will fill out the requested information which helps you hone in on your publishing needs.

I love anything about organizing. The Container Store is my favorite place ever. The week before school, when I could buy my school supplies, picking out multi colored pencils, figuring out which tabs were best to organize my notebook and choosing my calendar (which took me hours to pick out), was my favorite week of the year – well second to Christmas. So, needless to say, this was AWESOME.

Color me happy.

As writers we don’t always think about the publishing part of our journey. This can be a mistake. It’s a good idea to start thinking about it – even in the beginning of our writing processes. The Planning Overview section is a tool to help you organize your publishing plans. If organization is not your thing (if you didn’t enjoy back to school shopping because the supplies were overwhelming), then you need this step even more.

Now, I just need to start writing my actual book.

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