Editing – What is it Good For?

Editing – what is it good for? Absolutely everything. For instance, an editor would catch the first sentence and title of this post end in prepositions.

Some writers fancy themselves grammar gurus. I am not one of them. Truthfully, I’m all about the run-on-sentences, the dashes, the rows of periods……you know to creativize my writing (I also make up words and enjoy parentheses). An editor would greatly help me and most likely be really irritated by me (ooh passive voice – an editor would so have caught that). Editing isn’t just about correcting your spelling and grammar; editors make sure you are communicating effectively with your reader without changing the voice or tone of your work. A well-edited book will help you sell the next book. No matter how lovely your story idea is, if it does not grab the reader and keep the reader you will not be able to sell your next book to that reader. For a quick breakdown about what an editor can do for you, check out our webinar about editing. For a look at our webinar on editing, click here on “What to Expect When Working with an Editor”.

Editing, It’s a necessary thing. Thank goodness there are editors to help us (because many of us hate this process). Our very own BookFuel provides editing services at competitive prices. You can also crawl the web and find editing services (do your research however, not all are reputable). It’s good to grab another pair of eyes (an overused phrase – something an editor would have caught) in order to make sure you are communicating what you are hoping to (ugh, another sentence ending in a preposition).

Editing – just do it.

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