BookFuel – Who are we? I’m glad you asked!


Our mission is to help authors professionally self-publish a book, while spending the minimum amount required and retaining complete control over the process.


We offer publishing services that include:


Even though we are in this business to make a little money, we believe information should be shared. We really want to help you get your book written, published, and help you navigate the competitive arena of getting your book noticed and purchased. Because that’s our mission we also provide free webinars with information that can help you with your self-publishing process. Along with our webinars we offer a free membership, which provides personal coaching, a roadmap tool to help you organize your project, and a step-by-step guide to help you self-publish. We have an expanded membership for a nominal price.


On this blog we will be posting writing tips, motivations, self-publishing, and marketing information (check back often) here and on our other social media platforms.


We are really looking forward to helping you with your writing and publishing adventure.

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If you’re an expert in any part of the writing or publishing process, please contact us about a possible guest post. Looking forward to hearing from you and helping you through this process.

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